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미량요소비료 500cc
곤충이나 게 등의 갑각류에서 추출한 것과 식물에서 뽑은 것으로 토양에 유익한 미생물을 번식 활성화시켜
주며, 염류나 연작의 산성토양을 교정하여 식물을 건전하게 합니다
- 식물의 병충해 예방이나 발생시
- 뿌리생장이 둔하고 썩어 들어갈 때
- 과실의 당도가 떨어지고 착색이 부진할 때
- 작물을 건강하게 키울 때
- 포장단위 : 엽면시비용 500cc - 25말에 희석 300평 사용하십시오
<The Characteristics of the Undiluted Solution Chitin>
As being extracted from the crustacea such as the insects and crabs, and from the plants, this product activates the propagation of the useful microbes in soil, and rectifies the acid soil caused by the repeated cultivation, or salts. Therefore it makes the plants healthy.

<The Use of the Undiluted Solution Chitin>
1. In the case of the occurrence of, and preventing from damage from disease and harmful insects.

2. When the growth of roots becomes slowly and the roots go rotten.

3. When the sugar content of fruits become lower and the coloration rate of them decreases.

4. When you want to grow your crops healthily.

<Packing Unit>
500 cc/bottle. Use one bottle on 990 ㎡ for a leaf manure after diluting it in 450 ℓ water.
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